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Clanwilliam Health introduces its newest innovation software: GP appointment app Hippo

by | Jul 12, 2022

Known and honoured by physicians worldwide, the Hippocratic Oath is one of the earliest expressions of medical ethics. It is fitting then,  that when it came to naming its latest health innovation, Clanwilliam Health looked to this principle of good practice which continues to be held with the upmost regard today.

Hippo, a nod to the oath and a roll off the tongue name in itself, is Clanwilliam Health’s new online appointments app, aiming to transform the way people schedule time with their GP. Greater value and functionality are at the heart of this transformative software. The app, which can be downloaded from the app store, will allow patients to search for their practice, register and then  book medical appointments online, whenever and wherever it suits.

Supporting collaboration Clanwilliam Health is a leading provider of EHR systems in Ireland and the UK, having successfully partnered and integrated with healthcare technology providers for more than 20 years. Managing Director Eileen Byrne says Hippo is a natural continuation of the company’s efforts to digitalise GP practice management systems.

It also compliments its partnership programme, Clanwilliam Connect, in efforts to support openness and collaboration. Focused on modern technology with a ‘privacy and security by design’ approach, Clanwilliam Connect is a new API (Application Programming Interface) that provides access to the firm’s software applications in a controlled and managed way.

It is part of a vision to create a more integrated and interoperable e-health ecosystem where healthcare providers can gain access to the rightpatient information at the right time.

“General practices are highly digitalised and have been early adopters of things like electronic health records,” says Byrne. Clanwilliam Health are specialists in taking some of the more admin-heavy areas of healthcare and finding a digital-focused solution.

“We’ve also partnered with the HSE in areas where GPs interact with HSE services like chronic disease management and electronic prescriptions, which we brought in during the pandemic,” says Byrne. “We want to continue to build on that.”

Hippo is Clanwilliam Health’s first vocation facing app. It is being piloted this summer across 20 practices ahead of a September launch. On average, general practices currently manage over 4,500 calls a month. Digitising the process using Hippo, Byrne says, will make for a better experience both for the patient and the practice.

The app will be fully integrated into the GP practice management system, allowing for appointments, services and video consultations to be booked at the click of a button. Phase 2 will enable patients to request their repeat prescriptions directly from the app to save them time and further reduce phone calls to the practice. The app’s electronic medication history will also allow patients to have greater control over their healthcare as they build up their own records.

Clanwilliam Health recognises the need for clarity, transparency and a holistic approach for long-term success. “This all shifts into what the HSE is currently doing through its Shift Left, Stay Left – 10X digital transformation,” says Byrne. “And GPs have always been a brilliant group  of people who have adopted to technology.”

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