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Disruptor DNA: SmartHealth’s two strand Q&A > Sean Ruane, Mind Data founder

by | Apr 5, 2023

What is the biggest challenge to innovation?

I think we need to increase access to intellectual expertise; those professionals with experience and connections within the healthcare sector. It will help growing companies navigate the structures and processes involved with delivering healthcare innovations as well as ensuring the technology meets safety and ethical standards.

We can increase the number of accelerators and incubators that pair start-ups with healthcare providers to help increase collaboration and relationship building.

What rule would you break to deliver healthcare value?

I would break down the red tape involved with delivering health tech innovation to institutions such as the NHS in the UK. Health tech companies should work with those making and overseeing regulations to develop new frameworks that allow for more rapid innovation and testing of new solutions while still ensuring safety and efficacy.

The rate at which tech is developed compared to its deployment, means the public healthcare sector is missing out on new opportunities to improve patient outcomes.

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