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Double boost for healthcare and medical device manufacturing

by | Oct 13, 2022

Healthcare and medical device manufacturing has received two welcome boosts. Communications consultancy and outsourcing
organisation RelateCare is creating 280 jobs in its new facility in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

RelateCare provides administrative support and clinical advice through technology platforms. The company began as a joint venture
between Rigneydolphin and US healthcare institution Cleveland Clinic in 2014. Part of the Akusus Group it also recently appointed healthcare and life-sciences expert Liz Shanahan as chairperson.

Meanwhile medical device manufacturing business Croom Medical, which manufactures orthopedic medical implants for a series of blue-chip multinational companies, has opened a new multimillion euro manufacturing facility in Croom, Co. Limerick.

The company has invested over €12million in the new facility and will develop a further manufacturing facility in 2023. Pictured above is CEO Patrick Byrnes with his father and company founder Paddy Byrnes at the Croom Medical plant.

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