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myPatientSpace is reimagining healthcare delivery for HealthCare Providers and Life Sciences

by | Mar 30, 2022

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“The MyPatientSpace platform, adapted for patients with kidney disease and kidney transplants at St James’s Hospital Dublin, has transformed our outpatient clinics by helping us to risk assess triage patients more efficiently. It has also dramatically improved our ability to communicate effectively with our patients in a bidirectional manner.”

Professor Donal Sexton, Consultant Nephrologist, St James’s Hospital

myPatientSpace is reimagining healthcare delivery for HealthCare Providers and Life Sciences companies through rapidly configurable digital health solutions and medical grade companion apps that connect patients, clinicians, and researchers to improve clinical outcomes, patient experience and optimise care.

With a transformative shift in care from acute to community to home settings, myPatientSpace enables staff to monitor, educate and communicate with their patients anywhere. The platform’s key differentiator is that it optimises care at scale, in an agile, timely and cost-effective way across any disease pathway.

myPatientSpace is already being used across many settings in Ireland and internationally by leading healthcare providers and global pharmaceuticals for programmes including Sleep Apnoea, Orthopaedics, Oncology, Chronic Kidney Disease, Severe Asthma, Diabetes, Rheumatology, MSK and Surgeries.

“The myPatientSpace platform is a multi-condition no-code digital health platform that enables healthcare providers to provide personalised medical grade digital patient companions, adopt virtual care at scale and digitise the patient journey in a single platform,” says CEO and founder Una Kearns.

Kearns and her team are working with some of the country’s leading healthcare experts. One large scale programme with ResMed PEI supports remote management of Sleep Apnoea patients in the home. Thousands of patients across Ireland use this daily and they have been able to rapidly scale their care services.

“myPatientSpace for Resmed PEI has enhanced the patient experience and ensures high levels of early and ongoing
compliance with therapy. This app ensured that during covid we could not only help patients already on the Resmed Pei managed care service but also start new patients on therapy” – Eileen McGinnis, Sales Director, ResMed PEI

The technology is being used for clinical practice but it can also be used for patient support programmes, disease awareness and screening and to streamline research studies, such as The MACS: The Menopause After Cancer Study – a decentralised digital research study.

Dr Fionan Donohoe, UCD School of Medicine, said: “When we were planning this research study, we quickly realised we needed a digital platform. We thought we would need to get something built but myPatientSpace had all the features we needed and the
team were able to quickly configure and provide it for our study.

“It is not only great for our research participants but also for us to manage the study and capture the evidence and results,” he added.

Also at St James’s Hospital, the Renal Living Lab is helping people with chronic kidney disease to self-manage their care through a bespoke myPatientSpace companion app. The hospital’s renal team and over 700 patients are using the myPatientSpace platform to optimise clinics and allow for more care outside of an acute setting.

The app, tailored for individual patient needs, assists with daily self-management, long-term risk scores, screening and other clinical measures to improve the overall healthcare experience.

myPatientSpace is also working with many other teams across Ireland, the Rheumatology team at St Vincent’s University Hospital, who use
myPatientSpace to streamline repeat prescriptions and for remote assessments, supporting the move to more remote patient care. The move to virtual care reduces the need for in-clinic visits and can free up space on waiting lists.

This rapid adoption approach and process automation aligns with the HSE’s Digital Transformation Stay Left, Shift Left 10X initiative, delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings through a more digitalised Irish healthcare system. With many proven solutions across
many therapeutic areas deployed, myPatientSpace platform can be rapidly configured to produce customised branded apps across any therapeutic area – all on one SaaS platform.

For Providers and Pharmas, this means lower TCO and accelerated digital transformation. For patients, the convenience of a single app to manage possibly multiple conditions is a massive benefit.

“As a no-code platform, it is adaptable to any clinical workflow and supports extensive business process automation, freeing up time and allowing providers to deliver personalised remote care the way they want to,” says CEO Una Kearns.

“While the healthcare industry’s digital transformation moves forward, there is a great opportunity to enable this rapid transformation by digitising the patient journey using a digital health platform like myPatientSpace.”

The time is now.


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