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Powering prevention: Randox Health plans new clinic to bring preventative health services to Ireland

by | Jan 24, 2023

Randox Health’s John Breen on plans to open a new clinic and bring preventative health services to Ireland in 2023

Randox Health is coming to Ireland. Accessibility, personalisation, and preventative health lie at the heart of its plans to open a new clinic and laboratory in early 2023.  Already firmly established in Ireland, offering their blood testing expertise is a natural next step.

Randox has spent over 40 years in the diagnostic industry and played a critical role in the nation’s covid response, mobilising a large workforce to open covid testing centres at key locations across the country, including Dublin  Airport, during the pandemic.

A total of 14 test centres were opened within six weeks in response to Covid-19, carrying out over one million PCR tests in Ireland alone.

“It was a fast-paced setup that was required to track infections, minimise their spread, and keep Ireland connected by air travel.” says Randox Health’s Business Development Manager John Breen.

Randox’s new clinic and lab, will re-focus their efforts on what gave Randox its name on the global stage – diagnostic testing and preventative health.

Better than a cure

Randox Health leads the way in research, development, and the supply of innovative diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers. The new laboratory in Sandyford, D18, will bring a range of over 1,000 tests in private pathology services to clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals across Ireland.

“At the moment there is a huge amount of pressure on the public sector and private services for blood testing, due to high demand and not enough capacity to meet that demand,” says Breen. “Diagnostic testing is our speciality, and we want to make sure blood tests are not bypassed due to a lack of accessibility”.

Randox laboratories in Co. Antrim already operate 24/7 and their Dublin premises will double their capacity to make blood testing more accessible than ever before.

“Covid has shown what we are capable of when there is an urgent demand. This is not our first time rising to the challenge.”

The work doesn’t stop there, the new health clinic that will open alongside a laboratory will bring preventative health checks to the mainstream.

“Tracking your health isn’t always easy to do with the stress of work and personal life,” says Breen. “Unique access to health data offered by Randox Health empowers you to make positive lifestyle changes to help prevent illness.

“The whole idea of preventive health is not just finding a problem and solving it, it’s understanding your current health baseline and how that can impact your future health. Regular health reviews are key to understanding and maintaining good health and well-being”, says Breen.

For example, Randox Health’s popular Everyman | Everywoman full body health programme includes two full health checks, six months apart. Up to 150 data points are measured during each visit linked to key health areas such as the heart, hormone, nutritional, digestive, and thyroid health. A personalised health plan summarising results is provided with key findings and the next steps.

“It’s about making preventative health checks the norm,” Breen says of Randox Health’s 24 screening packages. “It’s giving people the option to get an overview of their health, understand their status, and manage findings where necessary, rather than waiting until you’re sick and then going to your GP.”


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