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Welcome to SmartHealth Magazine Issue 005

by | Apr 3, 2023

Welcome to the first edition of SmartHealth in 2023. The Hope Issue is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of those working within the health innovation and medtech arenas here in Ireland, Europe and around the world.

Innovation is saving lives. As part of our special Insight feature, we meet some of the people whose ideas and creativity around healthcare provision are giving us reasons to be positive for the year ahead and optimistic for the decades to come.

Our features writer Pádraig Belton takes a peek into everything from prosthetics to precision medicine and introduces twin brothers who have created virtual wards for patient self-monitoring to help free up hospital staff and beds at a time when services are overstretched and struggling to keep pace with day-to-day demands.

He also reports on Nobel Prize-winning scientists delivering gene editing drugs to tackle rare blood disorders and inspiring innovators allowing us to say ta-ra to common conditions like tinnitus through transformations in telehealth.

Our Deep Dive investigates how devices are treating diabetes and we also investigate why an economic downturn is the perfect time to launch a start-up.

We meet Dr Aviva Cohen, co-founder and CEO of seamlessCARE, to discover how her work is supporting adults and children living with disability. Her inspiring story began over 15 years ago with a very personal journey into healthcare innovation, at a time when virtual reality and artificial intelligence were far from the household concepts they are today.

As you’ll discover there is a lot to be hopeful about. We hope this latest edition of SmartHealth puts a spring in your step.

Read the latest edition here:

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